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Reserve a hotel close to Tours Airport or anywhere in the world

Have you arrived late at the airport or do you have an early morning flight the next day? Don't take any unnecessary risks. Book a hotel near your departure or arrival airport, with access on foot or by public transport / taxi.

In Tours, there are several hotels near the airport to choose from. For instance, you can book a room at the Quick Palace Tours Hotel,  1.5 kilometres away from the airport.  Or why not reserve a night at the Clarion Hotel Château Belmont Tours, at the Hotel Mirabeau or at the Hotel Colbert, all under 8 kilometres away from the airport?  

Other types of accommodation are easily accessible, too. You can spend a night at the Villa Bolero or book a room in the Héraudière Bed & Breakfast, 10 and 5 minutes away from Tours Val de Loire Airport, respectively.