Management and certification


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Environmental management

Tours Val de Loire Airport is committed to continuous improvement of its environmental performances through Environmental Resource Management (ERM), represented as a continuous cycle made up of 4 main stages:









 Understanding significant environmental impacts through an assessment.

 Planning actions.

 Setting targets to reduce impacts and improve performance.


Providing the human and material means to carry out the programme of actions.


Checking and assessing the results.

Continually controlling the effectiveness of the system using performance indicators.


Running an assessment of the efficacy of the system.

Keeping track of changes in the system
and identifying improvements to be made in a new performance plan.


Certification ISO 14 001

Keeping the impact of the airport's activities on the environment under control is part of the ISO 14 001 certification process, issued by an authorised body. This certification, shared between Tarbes Airport, Tours Airport and EDEIS headquarters. It was issued in May 2015, following an initial audit. It is renewed every 3 years and confirmed after annual follow-up audits.

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Certificat ISO 14 001

Certification ACA