Security instructions


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Transport of liquids - aerosols - gels

The new safety measures only concern hand luggage.

Liquids, creams, aerosols and gels - water, drinks, perfumes, shampoo, toothpaste, mascara, lotions, oil, sprays, shaving foam, deodorants, etc. – must be placed in checked luggage!

Conditions for transporting liquids in hand luggage:

  • Containers no bigger than 100 ml each;
  • A single transparent, sealed plastic bag per passenger, with a capacity of 1 litre maximum, (freezer-type bag - format 20cm*20cm).
  • Exceptions: medicines (on presentation of a prescription) and food for babies needed during the trip.

Airport security

Below is a list of products that are forbidden on flights:

  • Gas bottles, camping stoves;
  • Pressurised containers, aerosols - except perfumes, toiletries, medicine;
  • Corrosive products, oxidising agents, irritants, toxic substances, acid, car batteries, paint, etc;
  • Explosives (ammunition, firecrackers, fireworks, rockets, etc.);
  • Inflammable products (fuel, petrol, etc.);
  • Radioactive materials, magnetic materials.

Products forbidden in hand luggage:

  • Firearms;
  • Blades over 6 cm long, razor blades, knives, scissors, cutters, Swiss army knives, etc; 
  • Pepper sprays and aerosols over 100 ml (perfumes, toiletries and medicines with a prescription); 
  • Sharp weapons with a blade, blunt weapons including truncheons, heavy or sharpened sticks;
  • Any object that could be used as a weapon, such as ice axes, ski sticks, etc.
  • Toys resembling weapons (pistols, swords, etc.) 
  • Skate-boards;
  • Any non-transparent containers over 100ml/100 g, jars containing juice or sauce, soft-rind cheeses, jam, honey, nougat.

For more information about forbidden objects, please click here.

​Before going through airport security:

  • Show all the liquids in a transparent bag to security staff for inspection;
  • Put tablets and smartphones in the tray on the conveyor belt;
  • Remove jackets, coats, belts and any other metal objects, such as coins, lighters, keys, etc.;
  • Remove laptops or other electronic devices from your hand luggage and from their covers. They will be inspected separately.

Some airlines may apply additional measures.


After going through airport security

All articles purchased in the boarding area, including drinks and snacks, are authorised on the plane.

For more information about the new security measures, contact your airline or travel agency
or visit