Travelling with pets


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Pets are accepted on board planes, either in the cabin or in the hold, except for valid reasons (number of animals already admitted to the plane, state of health, regulations in the destination country, etc.).

Pets weighing under 6 kilos

They are accepted in the cabin in pet-carriers, which are subject to weight limits. Please note that small mammals of the rodent family are prohibited by airlines.

Pets weighing over 6 kilos

Except in exceptional cases, they must travel in the hold (pressurised, ventilated and heated) in a special kennel.

  Specific conditions for Ryanair:

Ryanair does not transport pets in the cabin or in the hold, excepting guide dogs in the cabin on some flights. For more information, please see the regulations about guide dogs on your airline's website.

PLEASE NOTE: When you reserve, please inform your airline that you will be travelling with a pet and you will be informed of the fee. You must inform the airline at reservation.

Please remember to take your pet's health record booklet.